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Capital: Berlin Population: 82.1 million

Area: 357,021 km2

Language: German, English

Germany (Germany also known as the Federal Republic of Germany) is one of the largest and most powerful countries in Europe, including 16 states with a total area about 357 Km2.

Population 82 million people. Germany is a permanent member of the European Union


Europe The EU is one of the two countries with the largest number of immigrants in the world (After America).

In addition, Germany is one of the founding members of the European economic community

(European Economic Community) in 1957 and the European Union in 1993.

The country is also part of the Schengen area and one of the first members of the Eurozone. Germany joins many organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, G7, G20, and OECD. The military budget is the 9th largest in the world.

Known as a country with a rich history and culture, Germany is the homeland of many famous artists, scientists, and inventors. language.

Germany's economy is considered one of the most sustainable economies in the world, the social security regime in Germany is better Compared to other countries, 2,300 world-famous brands were born.


    What is the quality of education in Germany?


German universities always aim to expand cooperative relationships, creating many exchange programs and international training programs to create reputation and enhance the value of graduate degrees.

Thanks to that, training programs in Germany are very rich, diverse and very open. In addition, with the policy of free tuition for students, the German government is currently aiming to attract international students with the aim of creating the best conditions and learning environment for international students.

In addition, Germany is also considered one of the countries with the top quality of education in Europe. Students will have many opportunities to choose their major because they offer more than 350 general universities and universities of applied sciences, with over 150 famous courses taught in English and awarded degrees. international.

During your internship you will have the opportunity to travel and learn about European culture.


    What is the climate like in Germany?


Germany belongs to the temperate climate zone of Central Europe, in the area of ​​the westerly wind zone and in the transition zone between the oceanic climate in the West Europe and continental climate in Eastern Europe.

Among other factors, the climate is influenced by the Gulfstream ocean current, creating an unusually warm climate compared to this latitude location.< /span>


German cuisine is famous for dishes such as boiled pork trotters (Eisbein) with pickled cabbage (Sauerkraut). In the South, people still eat many dishes

related to all kinds of noodles. Specialties also include white sausage (Weißwurst) in Bavaria or pork belly (Saumagen) in the Pfalz region.

In addition, Germans love beer and wine. Because of climatic conditions, the West and South of Germany will enjoy more wine than the North and East.











10 famous German tourist destinations you cannot miss

Germany is famous and proud of its magnificent castles, with ancient architecture still preserved to this day. If you have and will plan to travel to Europe, Germany is a country you cannot miss on your itinerary. Join Du Du Hoc Thien Phuoc to visit the 10 most famous German tourist destinations that you should not miss below!


1. Capital Berlin


The capital Berlin is the first attractive tourist destination you should visit when traveling to Germany. Wearing an ancient and somewhat dignified beauty, Berlin is not too noisy and bustling like life in New York, nor is it as romantic as Paris in France. However, if you come here once, you will never forget the peaceful feeling this place brings.




In addition to unique architectural works that have stood the test of time and experienced many ups and downs in world history such as the Berlin Wall and Branderburger Tor Gate. , Holocaust Memorial, Reichstaggebaüde Parliament Building,... Berlin also has many historical sites and 170 museums. A place that stores many historical landmarks, the most famous of which is the Island Museum with a collection of impressive relic houses, recreating the world's ancient civilizations, the Berlin Museum,...




Brandenburger Tor - symbol of the capital Berlin


The small city nearby Potsdam has many beautiful palaces. Those who love shopping can choose stores in KaDeWe or Kurfürstendamm. Berlin is also a romantic destination especially suitable for couples. Watch the sunset drifting along the romantic Spree River - one of the 14 most beautiful rivers in Europe, visit zoos, parks, botanical gardens, Charlottenburg castle,...




Serene beauty on the banks of the Spree River


More romantic, visitors can visit Gesundbrunnen public park to get lost in the rose garden with all the colors of flowers. The most beautiful time to visit Germany is in the fall, when the roads are filled with green trees and the leaves are changing. You will feel excited when you step foot in such romantic weather and capture the most peaceful moments of the trip.




Rose Garden in Gesundbrunnen Park


For tourists who are passionate fans of the "king sport", the Olympic Stadium will be a not-to-be-missed stop on their trip. This virtue. Take into account


now, the Olympic stadium is nearly 80 years old. There are also many attractive places here such as zoos, parks, and botanical gardens. Greenery, attractive sports such as hockey, football... It will be wonderful when you can fully explore this city.




Berlin Olympic Stadium


2. Port city of Hamburg


Located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Hamburg is an ideal stopover for your trip to Germany. As the largest port city in Germany, this is also where the most vibrant goods trading services by waterway take place in Europe.




This city has many high-end shopping centers and is home to many famous German artists. Famous attractions here include the Town Hall (Hamburger Rathaus) with its Baroque-style architecture made of sandstone, built meticulously in every detail, and in front of the campus is a square. wide, decorated with large statues.




Hamburger Rathaus City Hall with Baroque architecture


When sunset falls, walk around the windy shore of Alster Lake, watch the flying pigeons and visit the statue. famous sculpture "Giant bathing" in the middle of the lake.




Very beautiful sunset on the shore of Alster Lake


In the evening, you can visit the St.Pauli neighborhood, enjoy a passionate Hamburg with all kinds of outdoor activities: from trumpet music , dancing, games or bustle from beer clubs, pubs and restaurants. Hamburg always brings colorful pictures to visitors, from ancient and majestic to a bustling Hamburg at the harbor or vibrant outdoor entertainment areas.


3. München< /strong>


München is the most anticipated stop for tourists on German tours as well as European tours. Munich owns many buildings with long-standing historical value such as: Munich Palace, Nymphenburg Castle, Marienplatz Square, Deutsche Museum,...





When you come to Munich, you will enjoy feeling the beauty of the city center, a style that blends modern and classic. Besides modern buildings, bustling shopping centers are mixed with ancient churches and walls dating back to medieval times. You can also encounter a royal palace and listen to stories about kings, princesses, and princes from the people here. Engineering enthusiasts can visit the Deutsche Museum. If you like to walk around the old town and admire the beautiful buildings, you might want to take a photo at Munich's stunning town hall.




Munich is famous for its old neighborhoods and beautiful buildings


Considered the gateway to the Alps, Munich is also one of the destinations worth visiting when traveling to Bavaria. Munich is the second largest city in the state of Bavaria. Coming here, you will discover castles that resemble fairy tales, the most prominent and beautiful of which is Neuschwanstein Castle. In addition, you can also explore the amazing Bavarian Forest located in Eastern Bavaria.




Peaceful and fresh Bavarian forest in Munich


You can also visit Allianz Arena - home of the famous football club Bayern Munich, and will be really great for fans of this team who come here during the Bundesliga tournament.




Allianz Arena in Munich


In addition, the city of Munich still has the Oktoberfest beer festival with the number of visitors from different countries changing here with more than 5 million people each year. The festival is held from late September to mid-October. Visitors here will enjoy the wonderful, sweet and delicious taste of German beer.




Have you heard of the festival? Oktoberfest yet? Do you know where it is? Come to Munich and join this wonderful cultural festival!


4.City of Cologne (Köln)


Cologne (or Köln) is an old city over 2000 years old in Germany. If Berlin has a peaceful beauty and ancient colors with museums along the sightseeing route, Cologne gives visitors a most exciting experience when it is considered a cultural center with many activities. Art activities, fairs or art galleries.




Cologne city has many attractive tourist attractions, the most famous here is the ancient church called Cologne Cathedral (or Cologne Cathedral). ). Cologne is also a city with many interesting museums such as the Chocolate Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Museum documenting the remains of Nazi Germany...




Cologne Cathedral


Still the image of main churches with ancient Gothic or Baroque architecture with familiar dome designs but especially fussy and technical. Coming here, another tip for couples is a stop on the Hohenzollern love lock bridge.




The colorful city of Cologne next to the love lock bridge


5. The peaceful city of Hannover on the Leine River


Hannover is one of the 10 largest cities in Germany. It is home to many universities and is an important service, commercial and industrial centre. The city of Hannover appears radiantly on the romantic Leine River and is a tourist destination worth visiting when coming to Germany.




Coming to Hannover, the first place you should visit is Hannover City Hall (Hannover City Hall) in the city center. It is a stunning, eclectic Wilhelm II-like castle on the South Bank of the inner city (outside Hanover's historic city center), located in the 10-hectare Maschpark. .




Hannover City Hall is located in the city center


Hannover is also considered a paradise of exhibitions and fairs, because these activities take place almost all year round here. Among them, CeBIT Fair and Hannover Fair are two major international fairs held here every year. Agritechnica, the world's most important agricultural technology exhibition, is held every two years in November of odd-numbered years. The Hannover Shooting Festival, the world's largest festival for shooters, is also held annually in this city.




A product in the World Agricultural Technology Exhibition Agritechnica


In addition, the city lying on the side of the Leine River also makes visitors excited when walking around the very unique and lively Hannover Zoo. Especially in winter, you can also visit Winter zoo - a paradise for diverse skiing activities.




Participate in skiing at Winter zoo Hannover


6. Lübeck


Founded in 1143, Lubeck is one of the largest and oldest Baltic sea ports in Germany. Lubeck is a surviving medieval neighborhood and is recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. It's not too difficult to set foot in the largest city in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, you just need to roam around Hamburg and take a subway to visit Lubeck.




Lubeck impresses visitors with its timeless castles, ancient churches and majestic monasteries, and modern architectural mansions in Berlin. The city becomes even more poetic with the peaceful Trave river winding its way around a part of Lubeck.




The peaceful Trave River


Vestiges of Lubeck's medieval architectural style are still preserved and preserved today, which has helped turn this seaport into a becoming a German tourist destination that attracts tourists every year. Coming to Lubeck, you can admire the medieval architecture, walk around the narrow old streets to see beautiful churches, the 12th century town hall, the old city gate, or visit the castle. The home of the person who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1929 - Thomas Mann.




This city is especially famous for its confectionery and wine production industry. You can go to Lubeck to enjoy the specialty of Rotspon wine, and enjoy delicious almond candies that no one can forget, these can be found easily in all stores. shop in Lubeck.





Don't forget to enjoy this special flavor for your exciting trip to Europe.


7. Rugen Island< /p>


Rugen (or Rugia) is the largest island in Germany. The island of Rugen is located off the coast of Pommern in the Baltic Sea, in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This is a famous island considered a sea paradise in Germany with its ancient, quiet beauty.



The "gateway" to the island of Rugen is the municipality of Stralsund. The island is linked to the mainland via road and rail on the Rugen causeway and the Rugen bridge over the Strelasund lagoon. Rügen's coastline has many bays, with protruding peninsulas and headlands.



The island is connected to mainland Arkona by the Rugen Bridge and the Rugen Causeway. Rugen is famous for the place Arkona, the northernmost tip of East Germany. Here you should ask the locals to guide you to the ancient lighthouse of the Slavic castle and visit the beautiful fairy-like fishing village, and don't miss the opportunity opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood dishes.



In addition, on the island there are resorts on the Baltic Sea coast such as Binz, Sellin, Göhren, Baabe and Thiessow. Rügen is known to many tourists for its diverse landscape, with long sandy beaches. In June 2011, UNESCO awarded World Heritage status to Jasmund National Park, with its large oak tree areas.


8. Bodensee Lake< /p>


Lake Bodensee (also known as Lake Constance) located on the Rhine River is the largest freshwater lake in Germany. The lake is located at the northern foot of the Alps, consisting of three main parts: Obersee (upper lake), Untersee (lower lake) and a part of the Rhine River called Seerhein. Lake Bedensee is also located in the contiguous area between three countries: Germany, Sweden, and Austria, so this place is also called the "Borderless Area" of these three countries.



Bodensee freshwater lake is considered one of the shining pearls of the German tourism picture created from a unique transformation of the natural environment . With its charming, gentle scenery and the simple beauty of peaceful riverside towns, Bodensee is not simply a natural lake, but is considered a European fairyland, a masterpiece. gifted by nature.



The most outstanding feature of a visit to Lake Bodensee is probably the opportunity to visit the German Stilthouse outdoor museum. Opened in 1922, this is a great place for you to explore the unique lifestyle of the lake's original inhabitants from 6,000 years ago. You can also explore the meadows, enjoy vineyards and flower gardens on islands on the lake, admire Baroque churches to Benedictine abbeys, Roman fortresses and medieval castles. Lake Bodensee is also one of the water sports centers, especially for boating enthusiasts. Rowing a boat or crossing the bridge, visitors feel like they are entering another world with charming natural photo frames like in a fairyland. This place attracts tourists with its green parks with tropical trees and colorful flower gardens.



A romantic island located on Lake Bodensee that visitors cannot miss is Mainau Island. The island also boasts a beautiful palace called Schloss, built in 1746, featuring a unique interior design like a defensive tower. The largest island located on the lake is Reichenau. This is an island with a long history, with a man-made structure consisting of three famous churches belonging to the monastery of Reichenau.


9. Neuschwanstein


Neuschwanstein is a castle located in the village of Schwangau near the Bavarian town of Fussen, southern Germany, built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. build. This is the most famous of Ludwig II's castles and one of Europe's most famous landmarks. The attractive, mysterious Neuschwanstein Castle was built in the late 1800s, right at the foot of the great Alps, and is one of the symbols of Germany and Europe. To get to Neuschwanstein, you can go by train and Autobahn near the city of Fussen to admire its mysterious beauty.




Neuschwanstein is a masterpiece of art and architecture, imprinted with medieval legends. From the outside, the castle looks like it appeared in a fairy tale, but when you step inside you will be ecstatic by its luxurious and magnificent beauty. That's why the castle was used as a model for the "sleeping princess castle" in Walt Disney park.



Neuschwanstein has a shimmering beauty like in a fairy tale

When you come to Bavaria, visit the Castle and enjoy the ancient beauty of Germany. This is also a place that you should not miss when traveling to Germany.


10. Old cities on the Rhine River


The Rhein River (or Rhine) is one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe. When traveling in Germany, you should visit small and medium-sized towns such as Kaub, Bingen, Braubach, Koblenz,... along both sides of the river, and admire the poetic, rustic beauty and fresh air. in these suburbs gives.


The romantic Rhein River


Coming here, you will also experience the bustling atmosphere of the weekly market as well as street food festivals. This place is truly the ideal destination for a complete and wonderful trip to Germany for yourself.




 Conditions for settling in Germany - What do they include?


Settling in Germany will be divided into 2 cases. That is to apply for permanent residence and citizenship. In each case, conditions will be different.

Specifically, to be granted a permanent settlement permit, you need to prove your finances. This financial level needs to be guaranteed according to legal requirements. At the same time, it shows that you can cover all your own living expenses. In addition, you must also have health insurance. And especially no criminal history.

Application for German citizenship will be more difficult than applying for a permanent settlement permit. First of all, at the time of applying for citizenship, you must have lived in Germany for at least 8 years or more. This time period can be shortened to 7 years if you have a B1 German degree.

At the same time, you must ensure the lives of yourself and your family members. Along with that are housing and health insurance requirements. In addition, to gain German citizenship, you also need to give up your current citizenship. These are the basic conditions if you want to obtain German citizenship.


OPPORTUNITY to apply for permanent residence for international students in Germany

Germany has settlement policies for international students or unskilled workers. This policy also changes frequently. Settling in Germany as Skilled workers is usually for occupations that are lacking workers in Germany and are advertised by study abroad companies, but in reality they are only intended to achieve this. , international students need to meet many other requirements.

On the website - one of the official information channels about studying abroad in Germany, international students can learn fully information on settlement issues. In principle, graduates of public post-secondary educational institutions and degree programs at private educational institutions can work in Germany with a 3-year work permit.

The German government also has a new immigration program called German Experience Class (roughly translated: German experience class) specifically for new graduates. have qualifications and work experience in Germany in a specialized occupation or in a professional or technical job that is in demand in Germany.

However, according to an employee of the German Embassy in Vietnam, these are only the necessary conditions, but settling in Germany is a good idea. There is no longer any need for other factors such as the capacity of workers...


Sharing about this, an international student in Germany said: after Germany has regulations that do not require IELTS scores when considering studying abroad, one A large number of Vietnamese international students come to Germany with the intention of staying in Germany to work. But this is not simple. According to this person, only a very small portion of international students can do the above.


Is it difficult to settle in Germany?

Is it difficult to settle in Germany? This is the concern of many people today. In fact, settling in Germany is considered not an easy task. However, if you are fully prepared, applying for settlement will become much simpler.

First of all, prepare enough financial documents. This is a mandatory factor if you want to settle in Germany. Besides, please complete all required documents correctly and completely. Depending on the type of settlement, the documents and procedures will be different.

In particular, German will be extremely necessary. If you want to settle in Germany long term, your German needs to meet the prescribed standards. Please determine specifically the type of settlement for the most thorough preparation.

Settling in Germany will become simpler if you have the most thorough preparation. Therefore, if you intend to settle in this country, prepare now. That will make your path to settling in Germany much easier.












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