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To set foot in the land of dreams, students often encounter many difficulties and challenges, and one of them is The biggest hurdle that everyone, no matter how difficult, must try to overcome

is the interview and visa submission stage. Vocational study visas to Germany in recent years have been considered very competitive. With strict and thorough requirements in the application review process from the Embassy and Consulate, not everyone is lucky enough to get a ticket to Germany. Immediately apply the 4 rules below to easily conquer your German vocational study visa!


1. Try your best to learn German :

In addition to background knowledge, German is also one of the key points that determines visa issuance. The requirement for students when applying for a Visa is to have a B2 degree. However, the process of learning German in Vietnam often takes a lot of time but the effectiveness is too low, so many students choose to study B2 in Germany. Therefore, the B1 degree is the only basis for the Embassy/Consulate. See your potential to learn languages in Germany and get a Visa. With a degree of 70 points or more (average for 4 skills) and a clear learning path, you can completely conquer the Embassy/Consulate.


2. Carefully prepare financial documents :

According to the regulations of the German Embassy, one of the mandatory conditions when applying for a Visa for the German vocational study abroad program is: Guaranteed expenses. Living expenses/ Proof of sufficient financial capacity

main. So financial documents will include:

Information about expected residence and rent

A blocked account proving financial proof p>

Opening a blocked account to prove finances is of course very easy. However, the biggest difficulty students often encounter

is not knowing how much money to open an account. For the vocational study abroad program, there is no fixed amount for you. Depending on the vocational program, salary, language course fees, etc., the financial level proves financial ability

Your main will be different. In cases where the amount is calculated incorrectly and is not enough to cover the cost of the vocational training period, the risk of visa failure is very high.


3. Check and reorganize records for completeness:

Required documents for studying abroad:

02 visa applications

Visa application form

Declaration as prescribed in Section 8, Clause 2, Article 54 and Article 53 of the Residence Law Self-fill and sign.

02 recently taken passport photos

A valid and signed passport

Résumé in German in tabular format in continuous chronological order

Certificates of high school graduation, vocational or university graduation (if applicable). yes)

A statement about the reasons for wanting to study abroad in Germany

Vocational training contract and other documents or some information about

vocational training programs after the language course such as: Where does theoretical learning take place? Which employer will provide practical skills training?

Approval of the German Labor Agency (work permit)

Proof of sufficient German language ability: minimum B1 level according to the framework European reference

Proof of adequate health insurance

Information about expected residence and rent

Ensuring living expenses/ Proof of sufficient financial capacity Note: Arrange documents in the correct order.


4. Make a list of possible questions brought up in the interview:

• What is your name?

Where are you from?

How old are you?

Your year of birth/ Place of birth?

Where do you live?

Why do you want to go to Germany to study vocationally?

Why did you choose vocational training ….?

Why did you switch to vocational training while studying this field?

Where did you learn your trade? What is the apprenticeship period like?

Do I have to learn the language over there? How much does it cost to learn a language? What is the study time like? Where to learn the language?

Do you plan to stay in Germany after finishing your studies?

Do you have family in Germany?





Preparing things to go to Germany for international students

Before starting your study abroad life, carefully prepare your things for going to Germany to avoid unnecessary deprivation in the environment and culture. new. This helps you avoid unnecessary difficulties when starting a new life in your hometown.

When preparing to go to Germany, international students should learn from experience to avoid situations

lacking necessary things and having unnecessary things. . Or there are items that you are not allowed to bring to Germany or on the plane.

Preparing to go to Germany: Documents to bring

Whether studying abroad or traveling, identification documents and other documents should always be the first thing to remember so you can enter scene conveniently. German international students

need to bring the following documents:


1. Passport, remember that the visa is stamped in the passport. If it is a separate visa, it must always be kept with your passport.

2. Original ID card

3. Birth certificate

4. Original documents related to applying for a student visa in Germany, For example, German admission papers, financial proof, etc.

5. Documents related to school admission

6. Other qualifications needed for applying to study such as certificates , transcript, university degree in Vietnam, etc.

7. Translated and notarized copies of all the above documents.

8. About 10 passport photos for gradual use, because When you first arrive, you may have to do a lot of paperwork, and if you don't know where you are, you won't be able to take pictures right away.


Because documents are very important, they should be put in a bag or backpack and always carried with you to prevent loss.


Cash and bank accounts

Regarding money, you must definitely have a bank account that can be used in Germany. But you still have to prepare cash with you to be sure because there are many cases where you cannot use the card.

You should prepare cash in small change of 5€, 10€, 20€ to buy train tickets or purchase necessary initial items. If you run out of change, just go to a supermarket to buy something and you'll get change.




Personal belongings

In a developed country like Germany, buying personal items or cosmetics is not difficult when you just step into the supermarket or The store can be purchased immediately.

International students only need to bring the most necessary things to use when they first arrive, such as toothbrushes, small tubes of toothpaste, face towels, and bath towels. or go for a shave. You can bring travel kits for cosmetics and skin care to use during the flight and the first few days. Because maybe, when you come to Germany, the climate changes, you need to change too

cosmetic and skin care products for yourself.


1. An umbrella is essential

2. Face towel, bath towel, Toothbrush + toothpaste (checked baggage)

3. It's okay to bring 1 bottle of wind oil p>

4. For those who are nearsighted, you should buy a spare pair , glasses are extremely expensive here, 200-1000 Eur/piece.

5. Indoor slippers


Clothes and shoes

If you come in the winter (Germany will be very cold from November to April), you need to bring warm clothes from Vietnam to keep yourself warm. can. In addition to clothes, a good pair of shoes, with good soles and closed collars, will be extremely useful for you. Socks should be high socks, thick enough.

If you buy shoes for winter, you should buy shoes that are water-resistant, such as leather shoes, but sports shoes for winter are still quite cold.

If you come in the summer, you don't need too many clothes and shoes, but save weight for other things. Because there are also many good and cheap items in Germany, for example at H&M or Sara or many supermarkets like Lidl, you can absolutely buy a lot of good, cheap items in Germany instead of having to bring them from Vietnam. .

If you like cultural exchanges, you can also bring traditional ao dai for women and vests for men to wear on formal occasions. important or in the

big program.

One last note for preparing clothes when going to Germany is that if you are small, you should buy some pants in Vietnam because of your size. German people are quite big, you can fit a shirt, but with pants, sometimes there is no adult size that fits you. A child in Germany can be 1m6-1m65 tall, so many people at that height can only fit children's clothes.



International students should prepare basic medications such as headache and cold medicine in advance

flu, pain relievers, stomachache medicine, digestive enzymes and some antibiotics depending on each person's condition. Before going, learn carefully about the types of drugs to avoid accidentally breaking the law and leading to not being allowed to enter the country.

Basically, in Vietnam, you should bring any kind of medicine you need to take, for example, medicine for stomachache, diarrhea, wind oil, and herbal extracts. , etc.





You should prepare necessary and lightweight items to make your flight to Germany convenient.



In the early days, when you are not familiar with cuisine in another country, you should bring some food from home

Basic things like shrimp paste and a few packets of instant noodles to stave off hunger. And there's no need to bring too much because in big cities in Germany there are Asian markets with rich ingredients to prepare Vietnamese food.

For Vietnamese dry foods such as shrimp, dried squid, and sun-dried foods, you can bring them along but we advise you to limit them, because there is a lot of water. Europe is very careful about bringing food-related items into Europe.

You can bring a lot of instant noodles to eat in the first days when you are not familiar with the roads and supermarkets to buy. Once you are familiar with supermarkets and especially Asian supermarkets, you can buy a lot of things in Vietnam.

Electronic equipment

Electronic equipment is almost mandatory and you need to prepare carefully because electronics in Germany are much more expensive than in Vietnam. Male. Not to mention many devices have a default language of German or English, so it is very difficult for you to change to Vietnamese later.


1. Phone: can use international sim, charge well, install German percussion

2. Your phone must have Google Map installed, extremely important.

3. Learn how to use Google translate or online and offline dictionaries

4. Computer should be good, battery, fully charged, percussion installed German

5. Electronic items in Germany are always more expensive than in Vietnam, so Just buy whatever you need.

6. The rice cooker should be a small one, it is sold in Germany but expensive

7. Sockets in Germany are quite similar to Vietnam, double round sockets are common If you need a 3-way charger, you should buy it from Vietnam.

8. USB, backup charger if needed


Note that items cannot be brought on the plane

Some of you are taking a plane for the first time, especially an international plane to a developed country with strict laws like Germany. items that are not allowed

board the plane.


There are two types of items: Checked items and carry-on items on the plane. In addition to the regulations on weight, there are some following notes for you.


Do not carry too much liquid including checked baggage. Usually airlines have regulations on liquids to carry, you should read them carefully;

Don't bring too much of something new because it is likely to be suspected of tax evasion and buying to sell. For example, 2 tobacco plants can be taxed, but if discovered, the tax penalty is very heavy. Even if you buy personal items in large quantities, you can be considered trading and intentionally evading taxes.

Hand baggage not allowed: Knives, scissors, sharp objects can cause damage;

Liquids exceeding 100ml, even if still canned. Liquid limits may vary with some airlines, you should read carefully.

Inflammable and explosive substances such as gas lighters, etc.

Odor-causing substances such as dried food such as dried squid, dried fish , fish sauce. You can put the above items in your checked baggage if not prohibited. Almost all knives, scissors, and liquids can be put in checked baggage, except for flammable and explosive items.


Declaring tax at the airport

Customs declaration for luxury goods. Germany and the European Union stipulate that items with a value of 400 Euro or more are considered luxury items and must be declared when entering Europe to check that the item is registered. tax in Europe yet.

The items that are often considered luxury items are: laptops, especially macbooks, it is almost discovered that they will be checked regardless of whether they are old or new and How much money did you buy or did you receive as a gift? They don't care why you have it, they just know it was brought from another country to Europe.

At the exit gate of the airport there will be 2 gates: 1 is for those who do not need to declare taxes (Nothing to Claim) and 2 is for those who do not need to declare taxes (Nothing to Claim) and 2 are for those who do not need to declare taxes (Nothing to Claim) Who needs to declare tax on luxury goods or goods purchased for resale (Tax claim). Normally you can go through gate number 1, but someone may stop you and ask you to check your luggage.

When being tested, stay calm and cooperate because most of the time it will be fine, there are no problems and this is a normal process. If you have an item that they ask for a price, say it's around 350 euros, because that's not considered a luxury item. They may ask for an invoice, then say bought in Vietnam and no invoice or birthday gift. You should also say this is for personal use.


Conclusion on the experience of preparing things to go to Germany

It is necessary to carefully prepare your belongings to go to Germany, especially for international students who will have to stay in Germany for a long time. It's not necessary to buy too many things, just bring enough, because in Germany supermarkets are quite convenient and complete.




According to regulations when entering Germany, the following items are not allowed in your luggage:

1 Fresh fruits, seeds, leafy plants (except pineapple, coconut, durian, banana and dates).

2 Potatoes.

3 Forest mushrooms, edible mushrooms with a weight of over 2kg.

4 Banh chung, moon cake (because it contains meat). span>

5 Eggs, milk and products containing them.

6 Fresh meat, dried meat, dried chicken/pork/beef, pork floss, sausage, pate, sausage...

7 FAKEClothes, bags, shoes > famous brand.



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